From 2008 to 2012xtremrisk I was the lead investigator at the University of Siegen for the XtremRisK project (Extreme storm surges at open coasts and estuarine areas: Risk assessment and mitigation under climate change aspects). The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for 3.5 years. In the joint project we used the Source-Pathway-Receptor concept to perform integrated flood risk analyses for Hamburg and Sylt Island in Germany. Project partners came from the Universities of Braunschweig and Hamburg-Harburg and the Agency of Roads, Bridges and Waters in Hamburg. In subproject 1b we developed stochastic storm surge models capable of simulating millions of physically consistent storm surge scenarios and applied Copula models to calculate joint return periods of the storm surges and selected wave parameters. The results were summarized in a number of peer-reviewed journal and conference articles.