My research often attracts media attention, here are some examples:

EOS article on our paper in nature Communications on the link between Rossby waves and the annual sea level cycle.

Here is a collection of news articles on our perspective paper on compound events.

Here is a collection of news articles on our paper on the seasonal sea level cycle.

Nature Feature Article including results and reference to our global extreme sea level paper.

Here is a collection of news articles on our recent paper on global extreme sea levels.

I was interviewed by The Guardian and Climate Central to comment on new research on coastal flooding in Europe and globally.

Links to several news articles about our work on spatial footprints and temporal clustering of storms around the UK.

AGU Blog post on our work on erosion risk in the Gulf of Mexico.

Guest article for The Conversation with Prof. Shaleen Jain on compound flooding in the U.S.

Research Spotlight in EOS on our work on seasonal sea level changes.

L.A. Times article on our work on compound flooding.

Tampa Bay Times page 1 article on changes in seasonal sea level cycle.

Feature articles in Nature and Nature Climate Change.

Article on flood risk in the Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).