• Analyzing compound flooding around the North Atlantic basin (supported by NSF and NERC-UK)
  • Assessing climatic and geomorphic drivers for changing flood risk in urbanized estuaries (supported by NSF)
  • Compound and cascading hydrological events (supported by USACE)
  • Compounding effects of Storm Surge, Sea Level Rise, extreme Rainfall and Water Table on Urban Flooding in Southeast Coast of Florida (supported by SFWMD)
  • Global storm surge modelling (supported by NASA)
  • Mean sea level and storm surge variability along the U.S. coastline and its predictability at decadal timescales (supported by NOAA)
  • Predictability of dune erosion during storms (in collaboration with USGS)
  • Timescales of global tidal flooding (supported by UCF)

More information will follow soon!